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Haralan Popov ECL Door of Hope


The Agonising Birth

On an early summer morning in 1947, the late Haralan Popov, a Pastor/Priest, was arrested by Communist Secret Police authorities and falsely accused of espionage.

Pastor Popov was totally disconnected with any political ideology. He was an ordinary Priest in an ordinary Bulgarian town full of ordinary people, endeavouring to come to terms with an oppressive regime. With the take-over of his country by totalitarian Communism, Haralan was suddenly and unjustly, imprisoned for crimes that he had never committed. For thirteen years in Bulgarian labour camps, he suffered torture and unbelievable deprivation for his spiritual beliefs.

During those agonised years, separated from wife and children, confined to ice-cold prison cells and deprived of the simple comforts of life, Haralan Popov the priest, made a simple vow. If he managed to survive his ordeal, he determined that he would spend the remainder of his life giving compassionate aid to the people of Bulgaria and the rest of Eastern Europe.

Haralan's incredible story is recorded in the best-selling book, Tortured for his Faith. The book is obtainable from Door of Hope. More than one million copies, translated into twenty different languages, have been printed. After over fifty years, Door of Hope continues to fulfil the sincerity of this manís vision.

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