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Ognyan, Janet and Bozhidarka - Our BG Education Team.
Ognyan, Janet and Bozhidarka
Our BG Education Team.
Director of BG Door of Hope Foundation: Ognyan Todorov.
Secretary of BG Door of Hope Foundation: Bozhidarka Yaneva.

Feeding Centres for children.

In the suburban quarters of Chirpan and two small surrounding villages, live ethnic Turks and Gypsies. The social conditions of these places are extremely poor. There is an absence of local medical or dental assistance, no professional social care or compulsory education, miniscule pensions for the elderly and soaring unemployment figures. Inside these minority communities there are many street children and others from dysfunctional homes to whom DOH gives free meals and drinks.


Over 150 children now attend the kindergarten and school that Door of Hope has set up. Teachers receive regular training and the children themselves are taught the Bulgarian language, hygiene and simple moral issues. The long term objective is to prepare them for eventual employment and constructive relationships.

Children waiting for Wellington boots
Children waiting for Wellington boots.
To this end, a Life Academy training room for teenagers has been established in the city of Sofia. Teaching sessions are conducted on such topics as: Discovering your Potential, Needlework, Music, Photography, Health Issues and practical subjects like Plumbing, Carpentry and Computers. Door of Hope is concerned about the long-term prospects of a deprived child, not merely in satisfying their immediate feeding needs.

Dental treatment.

Dental treatment for children from ghetto quarters is arranged on a regular basis. Most of the boys and girls would hardly have known what a toothbrush was, let alone used one. Door of Hope is aware that unattended, decaying teeth can seriously affect health and well-being. Children are transported into Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city for free dental care.

Other Projects.

Deprived children from Chirpan town.
Deprived children from Chirpan town.
  • Vitamins have been provided for the children in order to improve the children’s standard of health.
  • Wellington boots and shoes have been supplied for severe winter weather conditions.
  • Computers for school. Gradually, as finance permits, computers are being provided for the children who attend our school.
  • A well, together with a pump, has been sunk in order to provide our school children with clean water that is available on a regular basis.
  • Door of Hope has also provided mattresses, reading material, Bibles, bee hives and other practical assistance to the inmates of two of Bulgaria’s prisons. On a small government budget, prisons struggle to operate on their limited allotted resources. Needless to say, Door of Hope prison involvement has been held in great esteem by prison authorities.
  • Latest project! A large van has been donated to Door of Hope by a British Charity. It was delivered to Bulgaria in October 2008 where it is already being put to good use. Our longer term objective is to use it as a mobile teaching facility, which we will use to reach some of the children living in more remote gypsy communities of the Bulgarian countryside.
Mobile teaching facility in Bulgaria.
Mobile teaching facility in Bulgaria.
Ognyan Todorov and Bozhidarka Yaneva, Door of Hope's dedicated, qualified and reliable staff, together with our own UK Director of Educational Projects – Janet King, provide an effective team in their effort to bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless.

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